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Links to some to some of the top Art & Design sites on the Web.

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> Top Art & Design Sites

US National Gallery of Art - GO - excellent collection in classy website.

MOCA - GO - museum of computer art.

Digital Art Museum - GO - promoting featured artists.

Art Directors Club - GO - annual art awards based in New York.

AIGA - GO - stimulating thinking about design - from the American Institute of Graphic Art.

International Art Contest - GO - another cool art contest - site also includes Photoshop Pro tips.

Digital Art on the Net - GO - digital mastery & lots of it.

Digital Salon - GO - hub of cool featured artists.

HyperArt - GO - digital art & modern art photograpy.

Digital Art Links - GO - from Artist Show.

Art Links - GO - from the Art Institute of Vancouver. - GO - search for images & art.

Some Eye Candy Links - GO - a diverse list of links including scientific art.

Focus Gallery - GO - utilizing digital manipulation as an art form.

The Geometry Junkyard - GO - look at art from a new angle.

AIA - GO - American Institute of Architects - annual awards honor excellence in interior design, business & urban architecture.

Texture Art - GO - digital art folio made from our repeating patterns & seamless textures.

Java Banner Art - GO - check out some of our digital art effects - best viewed with Netscape.

> Top Website Design

Billabong - GO - state of the art creation from top sports fashion group. Elegant, stylish, effective & functional. Stunning work.

2Advanced Studios - GO - popular website based on Flash.

Spark Online
- GO - international online culture magazine with writers, animators & digital artists collaboratively exploring electronic consciousness.

Giorgio Armani
- GO - top fashion stylists with beautiful website.

Ford - GO - highly effective integration of visual elements & product design.

Yigal-Azrouel - GO - fashion style & refined website elegance.

Look and Feel - GO - new media designers making clever use of humor with an entertaining, animated site host.

- GO - dramatic effects flowing from the effective use of movement, action & space by these cool digital artists.

156 Design - GO
- quality animation displaying good "alpha effects".

Digital Vision - GO - pushing the limits of Flash design, free Flash files, Flash games & applications.

@dver@active - GO - simple yet effective use of movement.

nrg - GO - high quality work from this website design group.

fahrenheit studio
- GO - superb design work from these leading edge artists & media developers.

- GO - beautiful blend of artistic imagery & functional site design from this German media group.

Paul Smith - GO -
fashion designer & retailer - cool commercial fashion site.

- GO - effective "visually immersed" site navigation from this cool creative new media group.

Crouching Tiger
- GO
- promotional website for the movie "Crouching Tiger" from Columbia Pictures - nicely blending both Chinese & Western design elements.

Franklin Lloyd Culley & Stone - GO - big name UK design group producing high quality new media.

Neostream InterActive
- GO - dynamic, effective & very well integrated site.

Visual Thesaurus
- GO - explore your own associations.

Smashing Ideas
- GO - leading edge web animators - check out the games case studies.

Ray of Light Productions
- GO - quality animation & use of alpha effects.

Enjoyment of Music
- GO - great integration of audio & Flash design from this German group.

Todd Street Productions - GO - challenging users sense of aesthetics & beauty.

NetDiver Network
- GO - new media portal - good Flash galleries, outstanding concepts, resources & tools.

Film Lounge
- GO - crossmedia production company in Germany producing flash animations, advertisements & music videos.

n.fuse gfx
- GO - artistic blend of bitmap & vector graphics from these creative digital artists.

AQ Art & Design
- GO - fantastic interfaces, photoshop tips & cool Flash work.

- GO - interesting use of large screen animation & multimedia from this Indian group.

Penny Lane Graphics
- GO - high quality graphic design, clever logo creations & fun animation from this top design studio.

The Horus Project
- GO - experimenting with the techniques of today for the design of tomorrow - high end PC required.

Coastal Media Group
- GO - refined audio integration from this Vancouver strategic marketing team.

Ego Media
- GO - unusual & distinctive two color animation work from this New York branding agency.

Beckett Media Design
- GO - clever use of interactive animated characters makes this a fun site to explore.

- GO - dynamic branding using new media - chapter 4 is well done.

e3 direktiv
- GO - beautiful black & white Flash work from this avant garde media group.

RA Web Design - GO - nice logo work from this Dutch design team.

Infinite Fish
- GO - good interface designs & digital art.

Dream Designers
- GO - good Flash & DHTML work from these web developers.

Glass Onion - GO - navigation for the visually inclined.

Video/Graphics Art Studio - GO - nice web designs.

Polar Design
- GO - fully integrated multimedia e-Biz solutions, large 4.7M demo with integrated audio is worth it.

Graphic Mix
- GO - classy demo site including games, portfolio & typefaces.

Michael Jordan to the Max
- GO - site built in tandem to the new IMAX film "Michael Jordan to the Max" - leaping to a high standard of excellence.



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