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World Best Website Awards are granted to exemplary sites pursuing best practice in website design & Internet communications. Since year 2000 we have placed all award winners in the site indexes - so surf around the site a bit to discover some fantastic web designs.

***** Matinee - GO -

Exceptional Flash site demonstrating highly creative talents at work.

***** Europages
- GO -

European Business Directory includes over 500,000 companies in 30 countries. A top business resource in six languages.

***** David Gary Studios
- GO -

Excellent use of Flash in this metallic digital creation. Unique design, interactive games & great online promos.

Direct Metal Sculpture - GO -

Stylish metal sculptures created in forged iron, copper & bronze. Chris Ray expresses artistic mastery through the creative use of form & shape - producing some beautiful pieces. Watch a slide show of the works, or visit the learning center to hone your metalworking skills.

***** Crazy Raven
- GO -

Dynamic designs "forging new ground in interactive media" & featuring some exceptional multimedia work - don't miss their multimedia portfolio.

***** Cultured Pearl Sales Training Institute - GO -

Learn about the wonderful world of pearls & complete an online training program on these beautiful jewels.

***** UNESCO/ICSU Conference on Science
- GO -

IMO, the official World Conference on Science Web site combines top quality content with innovative use of html & javascript to create a "shocked" effect without plug-ins.

***** MUVA Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais
- GO -

Virtual showcase of works from private collectors & artist's studios. An extensive & impressive collection. Visitors can navigate via stairway, elevator, or by selecting featured artists. English & Spanish.

Go!Zilla - GO -

Innovative software making Net navigation faster & more accurate. Provides enhanced search features, download optimization, link extractor, update monitor, bandwidth throttle & content channels.

***** KMGI.com
- GO -

Innovative design & promotion solutions, high quality multimedia & Flash work, exceptional animation, advanced techniques & cutting edge features.

Nueweb Interactive - GO -

Exceptional virtual reality & 3D Flash models bringing product interactivity to a new level.

7rings - GO -

A "melting pot of diversity in digital design" showing stylish & soothing color harmonies, inspired artwork & a top collection of quality backgrounds, borders & navigation sets.

Transcendent Nature - GO -

Exquisite photography, elegant design & professional site presentation.

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