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International Standardization Organization - GO -

ISO Member Bodies
- GO - a member body is the single national body "most representative of standardization in its country".

American Society for Quality - GO - certification is formal recognition by ASQ that individuals have demonstrated a proficiency within a specified body of knowledge.

National Standards System Network - GO - US National Resource for Global Standards serves as a central point to search for standards information.

Internet Resources for Best Practice Information
- GO - best practice resources & links compiled by the University of South Australia.

NASA Quality Pages - GO - quality technologies for competitive advantage. A range of informative articles on techniques & models of quality enhancement.

Quality Function Deployment - GO - NASA quality management.

Best Practices in Deploying Enterprise Portals - GO - Gartner Research Group criteria for best practices in developing enterprise portals.

International Quality Systems Directory - GO -

Quality Assurance in Health Care - GO - measuring the quality of America's health care.

Quality Best Practices - GO - international conference on quality technologies for business processes.

Best Practices - E-Business - GO - best practice analyses & worst e-commerce practices from ZDnet.

Australian Quality Certification - GO - Quality Assurance Standards, providing worldwide certification to Australian & International Standards. Located in Australia, with branches in Asia, QAS is a member of the International Certification Network.

American National Standards Institute - GO - ANSI is a private, nonprofit organization, administrating the US private sector voluntary standardization system.

Standards Australia - GO - 1,200 ISO quality standards online.

Registrar Accreditation Program - GO - providing accreditation services for providers of ISO 9000 AND ISO 14000 Quality Management Systems Registrars. In conjunction with ANSI, has established the National Accreditation Program.

W. Edwards Deming Institute - GO - founded to promote the principles proposed by W. Edwards Deming, regarded as the founder of the 'quality movement' in modern industrial life. Site promotes the philosophical underpinnings of Deming's work, in particular his focus on 'The System of Profound Knowledge'.

World Standard Services Network - GO - network of providers of standards organizations around the world.

National Members of ISO & IEC - GO - World Standards Services Network page providing links to 80 national standards organizations.

Standards Resources on the Net - GO - University of California, Santa Barbara Library web site supporting educational & research needs of university community, specifically in the area of Quality Accreditation & Standards.

Information Quality - GO - list of quality related redources.

Human Resources Learning Center - GO - information on human resources & employee services, addressing issues such as benchmarking & best practices.

Best Practices in Education - GO - US non-profit organization helping American teachers find innovative & effective educational practices from many countries to adapt for application in US schools.

Best Practice Network - GO - Australian National Training Authority - best practices in vocational education & training.

Best Practices in Health Care & Nursing - GO - Best Practice Network is a non-profit body established by thirteen nursing organizations in the United States to provide mechanisms for sharing innovative solutions & best practices among nurses & other healthcare practitioners.

The Benchmarking Exchange - GO - site provides an information system for individuals & organizations involved in benchmarking & process improvement.

Human Settlements - Best Practice Database - GO - database containing information about social, economic & environmental problems, with an emphasis on developing practical solutions. Explores ways in which communities, governments & the private sector can collaborate to address issues of poverty, shelter & the environment.

European Business Best Practice Network - GO - part of the European Business Best Practice Network - designed to introduce small to medium sized enterprises to the concepts of "Business Best Practice".

Best Practice Benchmarking - GO - site of Best Practices, LLC which is a research & advisory service that provides members with on-going access to benchmarking studies & research about best business practices.

Best Practices in US States - GO - links to best practices in each state of the US. Standard format with very basic information focusing on information technology.

Quality Management Products - GO - Canadian based company providing a range of software products for companies contemplating a quality system such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, QS 9000 or TQM.

Quality Online - GO -a service of Quality Magazine, serving engineers & managers responsible for test, inspection, measurement, evaluation, & documentation in manufacturing companies.

Quality Today - GO - source of information, news, & reference materials for the quality industry. Provides an event calendar & a section on U.S. jobs in the quality industry.

Quality in South Africa - GO - site focusing on latest developments in the quality field in South Africa & other countries.

Swiss Quality Club - GO - promoting a range of Swiss quality products, including watches, jewellery, food, technology & art. Well recognized companies such as Roche, Leica, Raymond Weil, Swatch are listed as providers of products or services.

Quality Assurance Links - GO - quality assurance links from Automated Testing Specialists.

The Quality Portal - GO - lots of quality resources & tools.

World Best Websites
- GO - World Best Web Site Awards are granted to exemplary websites pursuing "best practices" in website design & Internet communications.

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