Having problems with
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If you wish to contact us using our
e-mail services, please read our
E-Mail Communications Policy.

Email is a fantastic tool - but in some cases it is still unreliable & your mail transmissions can fail for a wide variety of reasons.

Do not assume because you have hit the "send" button - that your Email always arrives at it's destination. Technology is simply not 100% reliable at this point on time.

There are numerous reasons why you may have problems with Email transmissions to this award & our company.

1. Spam control

We have very strict spam reduction policies & we BLOCK Email from all networks that send us SPAM.

The most common havens for spammers are free web based Email services - so if you are using one of these services to submit your application - you may experience problems.

Our advice is to send your award submission using the Email service provided by your ISP - not a free Email service.

2. Poor Form Facilities

Some ISP's do not provide very good support for form transmissions & thus we may receive only a blank Email from you - without the details of your application.

If you have had previous troubles using forms with your ISP - it is best to apply using simple Email instead of completing the online application form.

3. Wrong Dates

To avoid Y2K problems - many individuals seem to have reset the date on their computers - hoping that would be a simple fix.

Problem is that your Email may automatically get filed among old mail that is out of date. We may not detect this as we receive thousands of Emails each week & the task of managing it all is a very big job.

Our advice is to reset your computer to the correct date before sending us mail.

4. Server Crashes

If a network provider has a computer crash - it is possible that Email will be lost without warning. In such circumstances, it is highly unlikely that you/we would be notified of lost Email as a result of a computer crash.

lf in doubt - resend your mail after a reasonable period of time.

These are just a few of the major problems that can cause failures in Email services - there are many more reasons while Email can fail to arrive at it's intended destination.

So please do not go crazy because we do not respond to your Email - we may never have received it in the first place.
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