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About The World Best Network

The World Best Network consists of a very high quality collection of specialist domains catering for almost every business, industry, profession & product on the globe.

We offer an extensive network of domain names, all using the WorldBest label - with each name identifying an
easily recognizable product, service or market.

With the capacity to house millions of websites, this network is sure to grow into an outstanding Internet hub. provides a unique service - blending the strengths of a corporate development team with the online capacities of a specialist ISP - both with a dedicated focus on the identification & facilitation of world best practices & world best quality.

Our vision is a synergistic network that enables organizations & individuals devoted to the pursuit of world best practices & world best quality to find a common meeting place . . . & for customers to experience the ease of surfing a logical, quality driven network that accurately identifies website content using a "distributed subject tree" of clear domain addresses.

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