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World Best Network E-mail Policy

Dear Online Customers, we are most grateful for the millions of visits you have made to our websites & are delighted by your response to our online quality initiatives - & the best is yet to come, so please feel welcome to visit us again.

Accompanying the high traffic levels to our network is a very large amount of e-mail communications from all corners of the globe. To most effectively manage the tidal wave of communications being sent to us - we have implemented an Internet communications & corporate e-mail policy.

This policy outlines the terms, conditions & mutual expectations arising from all e-mail communications with us.

E-mail Communications Policy

Priority E-mail from all existing CMC & World Best clients will be answered personally within 3-6 hours.

E-mail from all prospective customers & business partners will be answered within 1-3 working days.

General e-mail inquires from the public requesting assistance or information about the Internet, or from students/academics seeking assistance with projects - will be answered in order of receipt - if & when corporate resources are available to do so.

Applications for the World Best Website Award will be automatically routed to the applicants database & will not be answered personally unless an award is made. Online correspondence regarding the World Best Website Award is huge - it is prioritized & answered as resources become available.

Important Note: To eliminate spam & other unsolicited commercial advertising - we change our public e-mail addresses on a frequent basis. To contact us electronically - you will need to ensure you are using our current contact details.

Simply replying to a previous e-mail communication with us may not always work - your mail might bounce because the current e-mail addresses may have changed.

Poorly addressed "mass mailed" offers to develop "strategic partnerships" will not be considered. We expect legitimate business partnership proposals to be personally addressed to a company representative & contain specific details regarding the business relationship proposed.

Spam will not answered by the WorldBest Network, ever. The IP addresses of all mail servers &/or networks that send us spam may be blocked from further e-mail access to our network, on either a temporary or permanent basis, at our discretion.

General Conditions of Service Provision.

E-mail communication with our company is provided as a free service, exclusively at our discretion. E-mail facilities may be withdraw, without notice, at the sole discretion of the WorldBest Network. We also reserve the right to refuse use of the service to any individual, organization, online network, website or IP address found to be in violation of this e-mail policy.

Whilst we constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards . . this service is provided without warranties of any kind, either explicit or implied. Our mail servers & e-mail clients are fortified against abuse & illegal tampering, however, all risk &/or associated liabilities arising from the use of this e-mail service are born by the user.

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